About Us Overview

About Us

The Skagit Climate Science Consortium (SC2) is a 501 c(3) nonprofit comprised of a group of scientists working with local people to assess, plan and adapt to climate related impacts.
SC2 member research scientists with experience from federal, state, municipal, tribal, and university and non-governmental organizations work in the Skagit basin to understand how the landscape, plants, animals and people may be affected by changes in the patterns of rain, snow, temperature, storms and tides.

Our Vision

Reduce the vulnerability of human communities and ecosystems in the Skagit River basin to the impacts of a changing climate.

Our Misson

To support Skagit communities as they adapt to climate change. SC2 achieves this by:

  • Fostering collaborative scientific research to understand the diverse and interrelated impacts of climate change from the Skagit headwaters to Puget Sound;
  • Producing relevant climate-related products closely integrated with the Skagit community’s needs and concerns;
  • Serving as a conduit between Skagit communities and SC2 scientists to assist in the development of adaptation strategies.

What We Do

SC2 collaborates across disciplines to help understand and quantify the impacts of a changing climate. We pool our funding, expertise and research to improve the accuracy of our findings. We conduct meaningful analyses that can point out where communities are vulnerable and we can help provide information that allows decision-makers to weigh various options.

We respond to the local communities and integrate their concerns and inquiries into our research initiatives. We present our findings and correct inaccuracies in the data and the findings based on feedback from those with additional information.

We are a bridge between state efforts and directions on climate change and local, on-the-ground efforts. SC2 can help Skagit Basin communities apply Washington State policy recommendations by localizing data and information to be relevant for decision-makers and communities.

We reach out to decision-makers and stakeholders with our findings by providing important information to cities, utilities, farmers, and businesses that seem vulnerable to us based on the research and information available to us. Decision-makers can determine what is or isn’t of use to them as they move forward or work with us to refine or improve our work to be more relevant or useful.

Our Science

We are dedicated to high-quality, objective science that can be used confidently by Skagit basin communities, leaders, stakeholders and decision-makers. We seek to make our findings available on-line and to publish in peer-reviewed publications for evaluation by scientists and other interested parties.

We have wide-ranging expertise. We specialize in topics ranging from climate variability and glacial history to hydrology and fisheries biology. Many of us call the Skagit basin home and most of us spend hours and hours in the field conducting our research.