Who We Are

Who We Are

The Skagit Climate Science Consortium (SC2) was founded as a multidisciplinary group of research scientists from universities and federal, municipal, and tribal governments and agencies working in the Skagit basin and has grown to include others who use or benefit from the applied science. SC2 members seek to understand how the landscape, plants, animals and people may be affected by changes in the patterns of rain, snow, temperature, storms, and tides and how that information can be used to inform action. Dr. Jon Riedel is the chair of the group. Administrative support is provided by Carol MacIlroy who is an independent natural resources contractor.

SC2 is comprised of three cohorts as described below. Skagit climate research scientists still form the core of the organization and guide the direction. Click on the headers to be taken to a page that shows who is part of each cohort.


– Full Members –

Active leaders of SC2 guiding the direction and activities of the nonprofit and
producing key products and services.

This category of membership is intended to engage researchers or practitioners who are motivated and able to take a leadership role in developing and shaping SC2 direction and its research, products, and outreach/engagement activities.
• Regularly attend SC2 meetings
• Lead, and generate funding for, interdisciplinary SC2 projects or projects within the area of discipline
• Regularly lead or participate in outreach/engagement activities fostered by SC2
, including writing of reports and press releases
• Serve on SC2 administrative committees (e.g. serve on Board, or in other leadership positions)
• Actively participate in strategic planning activities and development of work plans
• Vote on new Full and Affiliate members
• Eligible for SC2 Board of Directors
• Vote for SC2 Board of Directors


– Affiliate Members –

Active producers of products and services relevant to, or supportive of, SC2 interests.
This category is intended to engage researchers or practitioners who have limited time or motivation to take a leadership role in SC2 but want their work to be formally affiliated with the group.
• Attend SC2 meetings from time to time
• Collaborate on SC2 research projects on a case-by-case basis
• Share research results or products from the Affiliate Member’s own research projects as appropriate
• Participate in SC2 outreach activities on a case-by-case basis
• Vote on new Affiliate members


– Community Mentors –

Active consumers of SC2 products and services who want to stay informed of
the nonprofit’s ongoing activities and provide guidance and direction to SC2.

This category is intended to engage stakeholders who already collaborate with SC2 but want to stay informed of the group’s core activities and establish a more formal advisory relationship with SC2.

• Receive regular information from SC2 on current projects and outreach/engagement activities and products
• Attend SC2 meetings and events from time to time
• Lend support for fundraising or other needs of the nonprofit
• Serve in an advisory role on the design of projects and outreach/engagement activities where appropriate
• Provide funding for, or collaborate on, the development of SC2 efforts of interest from time to time
• Serve in an advisory role to SC2 members and the Board of Directors