Abstract – Cold Water Refuges


2012 EPA and the U.S. Geological Survey Publish a Guide for Identifying Cold-Water Refuges to Protexct and Restore Thermal Diversity in Riverine Landscapse
Christian Torgersen

EPA has recognized the need for a reference guide to identify cold-water refuges for the protection and restoration of habitat for native salmonids.  Many species of salmonids are listed as threatened and endangered under the Endangered Species Act.  The guide includes a detailed description of different types of cold-water refuges in various rivers in the Pacific Northwest. The primary objective of this guide is to assist Pacific Northwest management agencies in implementing the new water quality standard for temperature as laid out by the EPA.  Additionally, this guide supports the identification, protection, and restoration of critical cold-water refuges for the protection of salmonids. The guide will help federal, state, and tribal management agencies and local watershed groups involved with salmon conservation.