SC2 Board of Directors

SC2 Board

The Skagit Climate Science Consortium (SC2) Board of Directors is elected by the SC2 members for 3‑year terms.  The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually by the Board.

Dr. Alan Hamlet is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. He was formerly at the University of Washington and part of the Climate Impacts Group an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research group studying the impacts of natural climate variability and global climate change (“global warming”). He has been working in the Skagit on climate issues since 2001 with a main focus on climate variability, climate change scenarios, hydrology, water resources, and human and natural systems. His main area of expertise is hydrology.

Dr. Correigh Greene is a population ecologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. His work focuses on the population dynamics of estuary-dependent species and Pacific salmon, including the influence of climate on juvenile outmigrations and adult returns. His climate research started in 2003 as he examined the relative influence of winter floods compared to other environmental factors on adult return rates.

Dr. Dave Peterson is a Professor at the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. He works with the Adaptation Partners team to develop climate change assessments and adaptation strategies in national forests and other lands throughout the western United States.


Dr. Jon Riedel, SC2 Chair, brings decades of experience and expertise including geomorphology, glacial history, and glacial mass balance.  He has been engaged in research on climate science in the Skagit region since the1980s. Dr. Riedel’s primary focus of research is the glacial history of climate change, including the response of glaciers to modern climate change and the implications of that response for water resources.


Mr. Roger Fuller is the Natural Resource and Restoration Stewardship Coordinator at Padilla Bay Reserve. He has expertise in estuarine ecology, restoration ecology, climate change impacts, climate change adaptation, and decision-support tools. He has been working on climate science issues specific to the Skagit since 2010 and on other issues in the Skagit since 2002.