Skagit Climate Science Consortium in the News

Facing climate Change: Building Resilience at the Local Level – KSVR-FM

A 55-minute radio documentary from the producers of The Business with Bees that sets out to explore the work being done in the Pacific Northwest’s Skagit Valley as local communities work together to predict how climate change will affect our region. [Listen] [Visit]


Area Glaciers Continue Losing Ice – Skagit Valley Herald, September 16, 2017

With the summer heat having melted much of the snow on Mount Baker, a rocky peak covered with light blue sheets of glacial ice has been revealed…. [Read the full article]


Mix of Plants Growing at New Fir Island Tidal Marsh – Skagit Valley Herald, August 26, 2017

Green plants and shimmering water have replaced the yellow-brown grains that a dike once shielded from Skagit Bay.  In the year since gaps were carved out of the dike to allow high tides to inundate 131 acres, an assortment of plants – some more welcome than others – have put down roots…. [Read the full article]


MoNA Climate Change Exhibit Evolving This Year – Skagit Valley Herald, July 15, 2017

In an effort to improve and expand its climate change exhibit for 2018, the Museum of Northwest Art will not host a show this fall… Before the next exhibit, artists and scientists will have nearly a year to collaborate…. [Read the full article]


Study shows North Cascades glaciers have shrunk dramatically since 1950s – Skagit Valley Herald, November 20, 2016

While melting Arctic ice makes regular headlines, glaciers in the Pacific Northwest are melting too.  In the Skagit River watershed — home to the most glacial ice in the United States outside of Alaska — an estimated 12.4 square miles of ice has been lost since the 1950s, according to a recent study by staff with North Cascades National Park’s Glacier Monitoring Program…. [Read the full article]


Group Finds Skagit River Vulnerable to Changing Climate – Skagit Valley Herald, November 6, 2016

On its path from the North Cascades to Skagit Bay, the Skagit River moves through a series of powerhouses to generate electricity. It is home to protected salmon and steelhead species, and it provides water for Skagit Valley farms and household use…. [Read the full article]


herald-01Climate Change Subject of Talk Series – Skagit Valley Herald, September 25, 2016

The nonprofit Transition Fidalgo & Friends, which seeks to share information about the implications of climate change and ways communities can prepare, is launching a climate change talk series …. [Read the full article]


uw_news-01Week-Long Exhibit in La Conner Joins Climate Scientists, Artists – UW News, September 23, 2016

University of Washington scientists who are members of the Skagit Climate Science Consortium collaborated with artists for an exhibit, “Surge,” that will run through this weekend at the Museum of Northwest Art…. [Read the full article]


glaciers-01New Series Focuses on Climate Change Issues – GoAnacortes, September 21, 2016

Climate change has been covered broadly in the media but can be difficult to understand at a personal level, said Roger Fuller, a Western Washington University research associate who has worked on climate science issues in Skagit County since 2010…. [Read the full article]


mus-01Museum Exhibit Explores Climate Change – Skagit Valley Herald, September 17, 2016

The massive eye of a whale emerges from the wall, strings of sea glass hang from the ceiling and piles of salt granules surround dissolving salt blocks in display cases at the Museum of Northwest Art…. [Read the full article]


eyeball-01Connected by Climate – Cascadia Weekly, September 14, 2016

It’s been 35 years since La Conner’s Museum of Northwest Art (MONA) first opened its doors to the public as a way to showcase the region’s most interesting and innovative artists…[Read the full article]


prx-01Facing Climate Change: Building Resilience at the Local Level – PRX, June 13, 2016

An exploration of the work being done in Washington State’s Skagit Valley to better understand and prepare for the effects of a changing climate…[Listen]


polling-01Officials Note Climate Change Concerns on Earth Day – Skagit Valley Herald, April 22, 2016

With climate change viewed by many scientists and officials as one of the gravest concerns of our time, the issue will get special attention today during the United States’ 46th annual Earth Day…[Read the full article]